About Accounts

Account or No Account: no one will contact you in any way simply because you are using SearchHomesEZ.com. We will only respond with help if you request it.

Can I use this website without having an “Account”?
Yes. You can use this site as much as you wish without having an account. An account is only necessary to save listings, save searches and/or receive emails of new listings that meet your criteria of your saved search and/or changes of saved properties. (price, pending, etc).
Why is it necessary to have an “Account” when wanting to save listings, save searches and/or set up auto emails on new listings and/or changes on saved properties?
SearchHomesEz.com has got to be able to recognize you, separate from all other users so we can save a listing or save a search for you, individually. Likewise, this website must have an email address to forward any new listings or saved property changes to you, but only at your request.
How do I open an account?
Whenever you want to save a listing or save a search, you will be prompted that you need an account to do so. From the prompt just click on “Register Here” and fill in the required information. We only need a Name and an email address. The other information is optional.
Can I save numerous listings, save numerous searches and/or receive updates of new listings from numerous saved searches?
Yes, as many as you want.
How can I stop receiving any more email updates on saved searches and/or saved property updates?
It’s easy. First, just go into your account. To delete a saved property simply click on the “heart” in the saved property box…done! To delete a saved search click on the “Menu” button in the upper right-hand corner of the saved search box and click “Delete”…done! To discontinue receiving ALL email updates, click “My Account” then click “Settings” then go to “Do you want to receive auto emails…” and simply click “No”…done!
Do I have to re-enter my account name and email address each time I use SearchHomesEZ.com and/or each time I receive an email property update?
No, we’ve simplified that also. First, when you create your account click on “Keep me logged in”. Each time you use our site you may have to re-enter your email address, but not your name or password. To receive email updates without having to re-enter your login information each time, go to your account, click account, then settings, then bottom left, go to: “Do you want to automatically login from property update emails?” …click “Yes”…done!

Interactive Map

How do I zoom the map or move the map by using the mouse?
You can change the mouse from ‘move the map’ to ‘zoom the map’ by simply left clicking the mouse anytime while on the map. To move the map simply hold down the left click and drag the map in any direction. To zoom the map simply left click, then scroll to zoom in or zoom out. Click the mouse again and it will revert to moving the map. You can change between the two by simply left clicking the mouse anytime while on the map.
How do I draw a border around the geographical area I wish to search in?
Go to the map. With your mouse hover over the icons on the upper left side of the map. Each icon will display its function. I like the polygon app. I start out by calling out the County(s) that I know my search area is in. That narrows the map significantly. Then zoom in the approximate area you wish to search. Then click on the polygon icon and start by clicking on the map to a point of beginning and click your way around the map to various border points around the exact area you want to search within. Finally, close the area by ending up where you started. Click, you’re done! Now you have the exact area you want. Only properties within that area will show up. Then, save the search if you wish.